allergy voices

Allergy Voices

Coming Soon… Allergy Voices is an e-book with a compilation of interviews from allergy bloggers, influencers and advocates from all over the world.

The first edition will be launching in July 2020.

About Allergy Voices

When you are first diagnosed with an allergic condition, you can feel like the only person in the world that this has happened to.  I want you to know this is not the case, and that there is a great online allergy community to get involved with.

Being diagnosed with allergies can feel overwhelming and there is a steep learning curve involved.  So I want to share different perspectives of how to overcome challenges, and how you can find support.

I also want to show how individual allergies can be and that everyone’s experiences are different.

And finally, I want to share the positive aspects of living with allergies.

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How Do I Get Involved?

By sharing your unique story you can help others who are on the same journey. You can also help build the online allergy community as a place where people can find strength and support.

You can also reach a new audience for your own website, blog or brand.

Would you like to be featured? Email with the subject ‘Allergy Voices’.