Best Children’s Books about Food Allergy (UK)

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I’ve been asked many times to recommend the best children’s books about food allergy, so I thought it was high time I put a blog post together to help you guys out! I have included a number of books here that would suit different types of food allergy, so I hope you are able to find something that is relevant to your child.

Sharing a book together can be a great way to teach your child about food allergies. It can help them to understand why they are not allowed to eat certain foods. Reading a book about food allergy can also help to open up a conversation with your child and give them an opportunity to ask questions. These books can be brilliant for helping siblings to understand about food allergies too. Your child might also like to take one of these books to share with their preschool or school to help raise awareness among their friends and classmates.

Whenever possible, I’ve chosen children’s books that are written and published in the UK so spelling and phrases should all be British English, to avoid any confusion. And right at the bottom are two brand new children’s books coming soon, so make sure to read all the way to the end! For each book I have indicated the age group it is suitable for and what type of allergy it covers. Please note that I haven’t personally read all of these books but I have looked at online reviews of each one, and am recommending them in good faith.

best children's books about food allergy

Dairy Free and Happy

  • by Michelle Diana Lowe
  • published 2019
  • age: 5 – 11 years

This is a Kindle ebook (read on any device with the Kindle app) with advice for children who are allergic to dairy products. I received a free copy to review and I enjoyed reading it with with my young daughter. It’s very positive and led to some interesting discussions. My little girl certainly found it very reassuring, and was quite excited to see that there are other children with milk allergy. It’s helped her to realise that she’s not the only one affected. You can read my full review from my Instagram page below:

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[AD – GIFTED]⠀ This is a lovely little book to share with children with dairy allergy. My 5 year old really enjoyed having a special book just for her, showing colourful illustrations of children with milk allergy. It's written in a very positive way, and encourages children to learn about their allergy and advocate for themselves.⠀ The thing I really loved about this book is that it gave us the opportunity to have a discussion about different aspects of living with milk allergy. This can give children a chance to ask questions or talk about any worries they might have. We already do all the things suggested in the book so my little girl found it really reassuring. It also reminded her that having an allergy doesn't stop us from doing lots of fun things like cooking together, going to parties, going on holiday, and more!⠀ It would be great to see different versions of this book like 'nut free and happy' or 'gluten free and happy' for a range of dietary needs.⠀ Dairy Free and Happy by Michelle Diana Lowe⠀ Available to buy on Amazon and at Waterstones priced £5.99⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #allergymum #cmpa #dairyfreekids #kidswithallergies #milkallergy #allergykids #dairyallergy #mumbloggersuk #mumbloguk #ukmummyblogger #ukmumsquad #pbloggeruk #ukmum #ukmums #pbloggersuk #mumbloggers #pblogger #pbloggers #bookstagrammers #bookstagram #bookpost #foodallergy #foodallergies #kidsbook #kidsbooks #kidsbookstagram #kidsbookswelove #kidsbookreview

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Allergy Adventures

  • by Hailey Phillips
  • published 2013
  • Age range: 3 – 7 years
allergy adventures

Graphic designer Hailey created these fun and eye-catching books after her niece was diagnosed with egg allergy at 8 months old. There is a different version of book for dairy, gluten, egg and nut allergies. She self-funded the project and has lots of great resources on her website, including a free schools workshop with video resources and classroom activities. Hailey says:

If you’ve not met the onion ringmaster or the beetroot monkey, then what are you waiting for?! Allergy Adventures’ storybooks take children on a magical adventure inside a lunchbox! The stories teach positive messages about living with food allergies, while reinforcing the importance of staying safe around food.
The books are a fantastic for reading at home, and can also be used to raise allergy awareness in schools and nurseries.

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Tom’s Secret Agents

  • by Jamie Waggott
  • published 2014
  • age: 3 – 8 years

This book was written by Jamie, a young child with food allergies. After he developed a nut allergy, his parents started to teach him about food allergies. One bedtime, he had an idea that helped him to visualise what was going on inside his body:

He imagined that in his tongue were tiny Secret Agents that, on detecting even the smallest spec of nut, would send messages all around his body and trigger a huge fight. It was suggested Jamie illustrate his story and, with added graphic design skills and edits from mum, he found himself the proud author and illustrator of a great little book explaining a big issue to little people.

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Food Allergies and Me

  • by Juniper Skinner
  • published 2010
  • age: preschool/Key Stage 1

Juniper wrote this book to empower parents, caregivers and children, as a mother of an allergic child herself. It covers a range of scenarios that an allergic child might recognise, like taking your own food to birthday parties, washing hands after eating, and going to an allergy clinic. The child in the story has more than one allergy, but the focus is not specifically on those foods so it would be suitable for any child with an allergy.

Note: This is an American book and the language is American English.

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Gluten Free is Part of Me

  • by Laurie Oestreich
  • published 2018
  • age: 4 – 8 years

This sweet, rhyming book would be ideal for children following a gluten-free diet, whether due to allergies or coeliac disease. A positive and compassionate book, written by a child and family therapist after her granddaughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease:

If you’re a kid who’s gluten-free, Be all that you would like to be.

It’s just a part of who you are, You’re still a bright and shining star! 

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The BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies

  • by Amy Recob
  • published 2009
  • age: 4 – 8 years

This American story covers a range of food allergies, and each of the buggy friends talk about their food allergy. Written by an allergy mom, this book is great fun with colourful illustrations. While it doesn’t go into too much depth, it could be a great first introduction to food allergies for a very young child.

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Tom, Rosie, and the Battle of the Allergy

  • by Anat Shabi
  • published 2016
  • age: Key Stage 2

This book explores why the main character Rosie has allergic reactions to peanuts. Part of the BodyWords4Kids series, Rosie and her friends go on an adventure to explore what happens inside the body to cause an allergic reaction.

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Freddy the Mouse

  • by Josie Warburton
  • Age: 3 – 6 years
  • Published: 2010

Freddie the Mouse features in a series of colourful picture books written especially for preschoolers by a mother of a severely allergic child. There are five adventures starring Freddie the Mouse, each covering a different allergy or topic. There is one for nut allergy, egg allergy, milk allergy and fish allergy, plus a special book about flying with a nut allergy.

Unfortunately these books seem to be out of print now, but you can still buy them second hand on Amazon.

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More Food Allergy Children’s Books Coming Soon…

But wait, there’s more! These children’s books are still in the developmental stage and will be hitting bookshelves soon! Both of them are by allergy mums who are self-publishing. They need your support now with their crowdfunding campaigns to cover production costs. Check out what they are doing:

Matilda Has An Allergy

  • by Aimee Allen
  • Age: 3 – 8 years

Aimee says:

‘Matilda has an Allergy’ is a children’s book aimed at young children around 3-8 years to explain what an allergy is and what life is like . It’s told from Matilda’s point of view so children can identify with her and is beautifully illustrated.

It is inspired by my daughter who is now 7 . At the age of 3 after a frightening reaction to peanuts she was diagnosed with a peanut and Brazil nut allergy . Life changed overnight and this caused me to have a lot of anxiety . After having panic attacks and CBT I was inspired to write a book to explain allergies to children to raise awareness.

It was inspired by all the children who feature on my page – they along with my daughter are true stars . In my role as a primary teacher I am able to share the book with children and staff and raise awareness in education.

For more information check out the crowdfunding page Excitingly, Aimee recently updated her Instagram page to say that a donation of £10.00 will count as a preorder of the book – just send her a DM with your name and address!

You, Me & Food Allergies

you me and food allergies emma amoscato
  • by Emma Amoscato
  • Age: 3 – 8 years
  • Release date: July 2020

And finally, written by bestselling author of Living with Allergies, You, Me & Food Allergies is Emma’s first children’s book about food allergies. This differs from other children’s book available because it is a non-fiction book, presenting clear factual information. Emma says:

You, Me & Food Allergies is the book I wanted for my children, but couldn’t find. It includes beautiful illustrations, practical exercises and will be clinically reviewed and endorsed by Allergy UK. 

Earlier this year Emma ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to produce the book, and raise extra funds to get the book into allergy clinics and schools. The book will be lauching very soon and you can find out more on the You, Me and Food Allergies Instagram page.

What’s your child’s favourite book about food allergies? Are there any children’s books about allergies I’ve missed and readers should know about? Leave a comment below!