Coronavirus: Allergy Parents, You’ve Got This!

We are living in uncertain times right now.  Many people across the world are having to cope with a huge amount of sudden changes all at once, with no warning.  It’s totally understandable to feel anxious or stressed at this time.  But at the same time there are still reasons to be positive.  Here are the reasons why allergy mums and dads are in a great position to handle the coronavirus:

Hand Washing

We are already used to cleaning surfaces and washing hands multiple times a day.  We do this to avoid allergen cross contamination.  Our insanely high hygiene standards will help is in the fight against coronavirus.  The fact that everyone else is now also having to reach these levels of cleanliness will only help protect our children from having an allergic reaction.  Let’s hope these standards can be maintained once things settle down again.


We are used to going to several shops in order to get everything we need.  The free from selection varies so much between shops and so often we can’t get everything in one place.  This is especially true for those with multiple allergies or those who have to avoid ‘may contains’.   If we’re already in the habit of going to different shops in order to get certain types of dairy free cheese, or a particular nut-free snack, then it won’t be a big shock to have to do this for toilet paper and pasta.

Food Flexibility

Suddenly the food people are used to eating is unavailable due to panic buying.  We’ve already had the experience of not being able to eat things that you normally would and having to find alternatives.  We can be flexible. 

If you’re struggling to find your usual free from foods, remember that independent butchers, grocers and farm shops will have basics like meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit that can be put together to make simple meals that are naturally free from most common allergens. 

Practical tip: did you know you can make your own dairy free milk? Basically blend whatever ingredient you are using with water and strain. You can strain through an old towel or t-shirt, you don’t need special equipment.  Here are recipes for:

Social Distancing

Social distancing is actually going to massively reduce the chances of our children having an allergic reaction.  Managing allergies in the home is pretty straight forward.  Instead, it’s going out and about that is hard work.  This is partly due to lack of awareness about allergies, and also the difficulties of finding suitable food which means we often have to bring food with us when we go out.  We also don’t have to worry about the risks associated with going to school now they have been closed.

Eating Out

No visiting restaurants and cafes? Same as every other day then!  People with allergies don’t tend to eat out anywhere near as much as those without.  This is a change that isn’t going to make a huge difference for us.


Allergy parents, I am here to tell you that you are strong and you can do this.  We’ve already had to massively overhaul our lifestyles once before.  Of course getting through the coronavirus lockdown is going to be hard, but we can totally do it.  In some areas like the ones I’ve mentioned here we are actually going to be at an advantage compared to everyone else.

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