Top 10 Dairy Free Halloween Recipes

Are you planning a dairy-free Halloween party?  Here are my top 10 dairy-free Halloween recipes from around the web.  I have picked recipes that are free from all top 14 allergens, or can be adapted.  Most can be made vegan too!  These cute recipes are so fun and great to bring to a party or just to make at home.

dairy free halloween recipes

halloween spider web fruit platter

Spiderweb Fruit Platter by Will Cook for Smiles – this looks super easy to make and healthy too!

  • Contains: milk
  • Substitutes: use dairy free cream cheese and yogurt

Dairy Free Halloween Biscuits by My Allergy Kitchen – my kids favourite recipe!

  • Contains: none (Top 14 Allergen Free and Vegan)

vegan meringue halloween ghosts

Vegan Meringue Halloween Ghosts by The Flexitarian – cleverly uses aquafaba (chickpea water) to make the meringue

  • Contains: none (Top 14 Allergy Free and Vegan)

sausage mummies

Sausage Mummies by My Fussy Eater

  • Contains: gluten
  • Substitutions
    • Gluten free: use gluten free sausages and Jus-Rol gluten free puff pastry.
    • Vegan: use your favourite vegan sausages and stick the eyes on with maple syrup instead of honey.  Ready made puff pastry is usually vegan – check the label.

dairy free halloween ghost cupcake

Halloween Ghost Cupcakes by Free From Farmhouse

  • Contains: gluten (note that the other recipes on the page use Oreos, which contain soya)
  • Substitutions:
    • Gluten free: use your favourite gluten free cupcake recipe
    • Vegan: use vegan marshmallows

dairy free halloween rice crispie treats

Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats by Fork and Beans

  • Contains: gluten
  • Substitutions: use gluten free rice cereal

dairy free halloween mummy treats

Mummy Rice Krispies Treats by Pink Fortitude

  • Contains: none (Top 14 Allergy Free and Vegan)

vegan sugar cookies

Halloween Sugar Cookies by My Darling Vegan

  • Contains: gluten
  • Substitutions: use your favourite gluten free cookies

english muffin vegan pizza mummy

Mummy English Muffin Pizzas (Vegan) by Veggies Save The Day – I still don’t know what an English muffin is but you could make this on a gluten-free pizza base, pitta bread or tortilla wrap)

  • Contains: none (Top 14 Allergen Free and Vegan)

Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes by The Gluten Free Blogger

  • Contains: egg
  • Substitutions: use your favourite egg substitute to replace the egg, or your own egg-free cupcake recipe

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